Pastor Dizzis in Cuba took great care of Frank and Renan. We became family real quick and got to know a lot about his church and the people of Cuba.

Pastor Dizzis received a financial miracle and the Lord enabled them to build this amazing facility on top of the pastoral home to house visitors.

Church in Camalote ‘Casa de Oración’ during their prayer meeting before our first meeting. They prayed in tongues for nearly an hour before service began.

The people of Cuba are hungry to see God’s manifested power. The church ‘Casa de Oración’ was packed for this campaign, with many attending while standing outside of the church walls.

Pastor Dizzis praying over the offerings. About 95% of the members of the church in Cuba tithe.

Evangelist Renan taught on hearing God’s Word, doing the Word of God, and receiving the blessings of God.

One of 4 altar calls at the Church in Camalote ‘Casa de Oración.’ You can see pictures of all altar calls here.

Church members going home after service. Automobiles are few in this region of Cuba and are priced out of people’s natural abilities.

From the left: Jose David, Renan, Dizzan, Adaby, and pastors Nidia and Dizzis. This wonderful family dined with Renan and Frank daily. They provided the best food Cuba has to offer and it was good!

This was the transportation we used our entire time in Cuba. It’s a 1984 Russian car with an unknown number of miles, running real well. Going price in Cuba for this car in it’s current condition: $18,000 USD.

We visited many churches in the region of Camalote during the days to meet with pastors and pray over health and abundance for their families and congregation.

While taking short trips in town, Frank preferred to experience the local way of getting around over traveling by car. Horse and buggy did the job!

There are crafty inventions everywhere that add to methods of transportation.

Whatever they can convert to facilitate transportation!

They do the best with what they have and honor the Lord with everything. The Lord led us (DeBarros Ministries & our partners) to sow funds into this pastoral family so they could take their first-ever family vacation together (pastoral couple and two young daughters, between 8 and 12 years old).

Geobedis is a great evangelist for the Lord. He also helps with all other aspects of ministry, including roasting this boar. Every time Frank would ask about an animal, it would end up on a plate. This time it started with Frank saying “do you roast boars in Cuba?”

The church in Camalote began a little over 10 years ago with people sitting on a laid out light post on a bare piece of land without a building. This was their first building and they are believing to expand once again.

This is an additional area on the other side of the pastoral house next to the church in Camalote. We are now actively setting up an outdoor campaign in this piece of land for the end of 2018 that will hold over 1,000 people each night to win the lost for Jesus Christ.