3 #Fasting Tips For Success

3 #fasting tips for success - day 13

Posted by Renan DeBarros on Friday, January 13, 2017

3 Quick Fasting Tips

The reason I’m doing this series is because a lot of my friends are on a fast – or are going into a fast – and i’m on my thirteenth day right now.

I have been doing just water for a while and I’m feeling really good right now.

I’d say I’m the best I have been through a fast. There’s still some ups and downs, but I’m doing it with joy!

I am doing everything I need to be doing: I am working; I ran a mile and a half yesterday and I’m doing it with a level of excitement and joy.

If you haven’t watched the video that I posted last night – the teaching on fasting – I recommend that you watch it because it goes over one of the sources of my motivation to making this time of fasting successful.

There are promises that come with fasting & prayer, and benefits that we get from doing it.

And we should be happy about achieving those benefits!

So I have a couple of things I want to talk about that I’ve learned and that will encourage you to stay strong in your fast – should you be going into a fast or if you’re already fasting.

One of them is that…

1. Fasting is like a muscle.

Fasting can be stretched. So, the very first fast that you go into I’d say: do not go into a 30-day fast!

Maybe you shouldn’t start by going on a 40-day fast like Jesus did.

Id’ say, if it’s your first time fasting, take it easy. Maybe start with a three day fast.

I believe fasting is the absence of food. I don’t believe in just fasting “things” like Facebook. That is just not a biblical fast.

It’s not just about fasting something else that you desire. A scriptural fast is the actual act of fasting food, which your body really desires.

So, if you’re going to fast from food I’d say, do it for most of the day – if not all day – or even for all of the days that you’re fasting.

I know a lot of people who fast once a week, and they’ve been doing it for long periods of time – and they’re very successful at that.

They separate that week day for a day of prayer.

I also know people that have gone overboard with their fast. I have also tried to push myself in the past and that has not worked. It gets to be very frustrating.

So, you can stretch fasting like a muscle. You can develop it in time. Start with a three-day fast, next time go into a six-day or seven-day fast and from there on it grows.

The other thing that I’d say that has really encouraged me after so many days is that…

2. There is a limit to hunger.

Once hunger achieves that limit – once it gets to that peak – it can’t get any worse!

You will usually achieve that peak within the first day or second day, or for some people on the third day.

But once you get to that peak of hunger, you know what that feeling is like and you can get used to that feeling you now have.

You know it can’t get any worse from that point on. So you’ll just keep yourself distracted from under and keep moving, not necessarily suffering from the hunger.

Which brings me to the third point, which is…

3. Don’t just sit there doing nothing.

When you’re fasting, even if you have nothing to do: Do Something!

Worship god I with your whole your heart. I pick up my guitar and I go into the long periods of time just worshiping God.

If you have work to do, do work!

I haven’t seen any limits to my thinking, or my ability to have conversations

I have been making phone calls and talking to people, resolving problems… God will give you the strength!

I haven’t experienced any limitations.

Only when you allow the limiting thoughts into your mind and you begin to think that you have limitations, that’s when you experience it.

Keep yourself occupied with good things!

If all of your work is caught up and you’ve already spent time in worship and you’re still looking for something to do, go out and pray with somebody.

I’m sure you can find somebody, maybe call them and pray with them.

Do some good out in your neighborhood. Go out and give to the homeless in your town. Talk to them. Buy them or make them some food.

I have had no problem making my children lunches and dinners. I have had no problem helping my wife with cooking or putting food away.

I actually enjoy it!

I enjoy the smell of it . I enjoy the looks of it without really coveting it.

I hope that encourages YOU!

Fasting is not something that you need to wait for the Lord to call you to do. We’ve already received instructions to fast from the Scriptures.

So just look for the time to fast and BEGIN!

If that time is here or is coming soon, then I want to encourage you to stay hooked with this series. I have some more days to go on my fast and I’ll be sharing more tips as more revelations come.

And again, watch the video that I posted last night because it will really encourage you in the promises that come from fasting.

I’ll be sharing more scripture about that as well because I know it will encourage you!

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Praise Jesus!