#Fasting Day 14 – Another reason for #fasting.

Posted by Renan DeBarros on Saturday, January 14, 2017

Beginning Your Fast – A Quick Tip

I wanted to encourage you with one quick tip just one that really encouraged me it really did me good when I started, and here it goes:

When you begin your fast, the devil knows the breakthrough that you’re about to have if you pull this thing through.

He is watching. He knows that if you decide, and commit, and go all the way through with this thing you’re going to get a major breakthrough.

So he’s going to try to stop you in any way he can.

Here’s the first thing – the first temptation – and here’s a quick tip to help you through it.

The moment you commit to fasting – on your first, second, or third day – will be the time when:

  • You will be offered tickets to the best buffet in town.
  • You will be invited to the best dinner in the house of the person you know cooks the best meals.
  • People are going to come to your house with food.
  • Your spouse or family member may cook your favorite meal.

These things happen to me. You have to sit there and watch this happen in front of you.

But rejoice!

Because you’re not doing this in vain.

You’re not doing this to suffer.

This is something that you have under your feet.

You have already conquered this fast!

The fast was made for you. Food was made for your stomach, not stomach for food.

So don’t give in to the temptation. Don’t feel sorry for yourself through the temptation. Just stand in faith and strong, knowing that you’re getting what’s been promised to you. You’re getting a breakthrough!

And don’t let a little temptation like that derail you or quit your fast, or get you angry, or irritated, or any of that.

I hope that encourages you God bless you!