This is the same church from the Pastors we were led to sow into from Cuba Photos (Part 1). They have a new roof. These roofs tend to last many years, with little repairs.

Pastor Dizzis discussed many of the struggles of the people in his congregation and gave us a tour of the entire area of Camalote and the surrounding villages, as we visited many churches and prayed with their pastors. Many were physically healed.

Bicycles are a high commodity in these areas. The Cuban people take great care of their bikes and are very creative in making repairs so that their bikes can last for a long time.

Another valued way of transportation in Cuba are these passenger buses. They run daily to facilitate public transportation to and from work.

This rural region—called Camalote—is named after these flowers which are called by the same name. There are various fields filled with these beautiful flowers.

Homemade vanilla ice cream made with fresh milk.

We made a day trip to their local hotel at the beach so Renan could make phone calls to check back at home with Maria and the kids. Wi-fi is only available at hotels and universities. Frank also wanted to check out the coral reefs in the region, which are known to be some of the best in Cuba.

Packed church of the city of Manatí from outside. We had a powerful service with many people healed and delivered from the grips of the enemy. Over a hundred people were physically healed.

Pastor Dizzis made sure that our services were blessed with the same worship team and intercessors go to all of our remote meetings so that the anointing would move freely. He made all of the arrangements and made sure that they had enough available transportation for everyone. About 80 people in total.

The church of Manatí has about 300 seats (there are pews on the left side facing the platform), plus lots of standing room in the back yard of the pastoral house, which is located behind the church.

Before our trip to Cuba, the Lord delivered to Renan a prophecy by a man from the northeast of the US.  The prophecy was given about this exact time (2018) and for the exact region of Manatí, Cuba. This man had never been to Cuba, but who the Lord spoke to him about revival breaking out in this region. Renan was able to deliver the prophecy to the church in Manatí during this service.

Powerful meeting with many giving their lives to Jesus Christ, delivered from bondages, and physically healed by God’s power.

The coffee in Cuba was so good that, upon return to the US, Renan’s friends gifted him with the same type of espresso maker used in Cuba for his birthday.

Fresh garlic minced with a mortar, ready to be used to make another delicious meal. Wood fire stove.

Our days were filled with God’s assignments. People would bring their children and family members for prayer to be healed. We would also walk to homes where local residents would ask that we go to in order to reach their loved ones for prayer of faith in God. Many miracles happened of people being instantly healed. We are expecting to hear of many other good reports once we return on our next visit.

The island of Cuba is filled with beautiful tropical vegetation and animals.

Worship team—and a little tagalong :)—getting ready to head out of town with us for another service.

The church of Las 80 (Elim Santa Lucia) was our third stop out of 6 churches. During our two services there (Wednesday and Thursday nights), there were some amazing demonstration of the power of God by the way of words of knowledge, and we saw many come to Christ along with many physical healings.

At the end of the second night, the Pastor Pablo led the entire congregation into a “Fire Tunnel.” There were people laid out under the power of God all over the church. This was probably Frank’s most favorite part of the entire trip.

Well cared for with wonderful food and hospitality by these wonderful children of God. We enjoyed every single meal, along with their company.

Frank is in the middle of two wonderful servants of God who prepared our food and made us company daily, as we enjoyed in the recollection of the previous nights ministering at the churches.