Beautiful sunset with the church at Las 80 on the second and final night of our campaign there.

Las 80 used to be a vibrant industrial region. These residences used to be housing for the factory workers.

Outside the church at Las 80, one of the vehicles we used to commute awaits us.

Troya was Renan’s Cuban traveling interpreter for the entire trip. Troya worked all day long at the local hotels as a concierge and tourist guide, then he would get ready and head over to the churches every night to serve the Lord as our interpreter.

Thursday night service at Las 80. This church holds a Youth Conference each year for more than 500 young adults and late teenagers. The total cost for the entire weekend, including meals, outings, and events is $400 USD.

Because of the shortage on land space—and current church growth—most churches have pews set to the side of the platform. This is to the left of the platform at Las 80.

Just about 10 years ago, this church couldn’t hold more than 100 people and had no finances to grow. Through a miracle, the Lord sent someone to finance the construction of the new church. A man who was originally from Sri Lanka, but living in Canada. He participated in the building project until the inauguration, and then he was never seen or heard from again.

Second altar call at Las 80. You can view pictures for most altar calls in Cuba here.

Sugar cane juice is a delicious, refreshing, and—you guessed it—very sweet drink.

That’s what sugar cane juice (and a happy Frank) looks like.

Sugar cane juice stand.

This was dessert that was served to us in different variations. It’s a concoction of different fruits reduced with sugar in low heat, served with a soft white cheese.

Region of Camalote.

Region of Camalote.

Region of Camalote.

Two methods of public transportation in the region of Camalote.

Region of Camalote.

Region of Camalote.

One of the homes of church member’s family who wanted prayer.

Street meat market.

During our visit to this church to meet the pastors, there happened to be a women’s bible study happening which quickly turned into a healing meeting.

Jesus Christ is the Healer. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Walking from home to home while praying for the sick and ministering salvation to the people in the region.