Many people committed their lives to the Lord Jesus and many were being healed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Coconut water being served fresh by one of the pastors.

Frank enjoying very fresh coconut water.

Don’t worry, Frank did not give up his day job after attempting to play the congas.


Our last campaign in Nuevitas: first night. There were some yokes that needed to be broken on this first night in order for people to connect with God.

The Lord wanted to minister to His people about killing pride in our lives and dealing with false humility.

Just in case you were wondering what all of that noise was, coming from the inside of the building.

First night of our 3 meeting campaign at Nuevitas.

Pastors Dizzis and Nidia became family to Renan and Frank. They were true servants of God through the entire trip. There were no issues at any moment during the entire trip, and Renan and Frank were very well cared for. They developed a relationship that is expected to last for eternity.

There were various animals on the grounds we stayed in (Pastor Dizzis’ home). We were greeted each morning by this turkey family.


Just arriving in the morning for the second service of 3 in our campaign in Nuevitas.

Region of Nuevitas.

Second day of Nuevitas campaign.

God’s servants preparing the meal to be served to the entire church after service.

Worship band at Nuevitas.


The beautiful region of Nuevitas is by the bay.

Praying with church members who prepared us lunch at the pastors’ house.

During lunch after second meeting of campaign with the pastor.

Praying with the pastors of the church in Nuevitas.

After the morning service in Nuevitas we headed over to La Playa, where they fed us well and then we ministered at their church at night in La Playa—which is translated “The Beach.”

The home where we were treated for dinner before the service in La Playa was right on this beautiful bay.

This wonderful couple welcome us into their home and cooked us a wonderful seafood meal.

Saturday night service in La Playa.

Back to Nuevitas on Sunday morning for the last service in the campaign.

Completely out of nowhere, Frank ran into a guy wearing a shirt from his (Frank’s) hometown’s high school basketball team—what are the chances of that?

At each meal served by the pastor of Nuevitas, Frank was given this spoon where he sat. He made a joke about it–I don’t think the pastor cared for the joke. But he kept asking the Lord “What is this spoon all about, Lord?” The Lord answered him. We will have Frank tell the whole story on live video on our next edition of “Let’s Be Frank” and link it here.

Flan, papaya juice, and some traditional sugar cookies for dessert.

Getting loaded up on the bus to go to the last service of our trip on Sunday night.

Camalote church staff, worship team, and some members getting ready to head out of town to our last service of the trip on Sunday night.

Our thirteenth meeting in the region of Camatote where many people were healed in a rural area.