A Testimony of God’s Supernatural Provision

Cuba - December 2018

Testimony of God’s Supernatural Provision

A Testimony of God’s Supernatural Provision

During this Festival in Cuba that happened near Christmas time, DeBarros Ministries was giving away bicycles for the kids as a free gift.

At one of the drawings for a bike, a woman came forward with the winning raffle ticket number. But there was some questioning on whether to allow her to claim the prize because these raffle tickets had only been given to children under the age of 12.

She said she had the raffle ticket of a child she cares for, but who had to go back home before the drawing for the bikes. This lady wanted to claim to prize and take it to the little girl.

Renan agreed to allow her to claim the prize, but Maria said she believed God was prompting her to go talk to this lady because this situation was different.

After speaking to her at the festival, Maria decided to go visit her at home the next day. A few people took a horse & buggy ride to her house on the next day and Maria got to know the situation better.

They told her how this lady cared for 5 children which are not her own and how she is a servant of the Lord. She lives in a very poor neighborhood in Cuba.

A few days before the festival, she cleaned up her front yard to allow evangelists from the church to preach to a group of people there, where many gave their lives to Christ.

Maria asked her what was her biggest need and she responded with, “Whatever the Lord tells you; I trust Him.”

Here she is receiving the 2nd week of four weeks of free groceries.

So, the Lord told Maria to get this lady a fridge. All of the pastors and the pastor’s wife agreed that this would be a great blessing, and that even the neighborhood would benefit from her having a fridge. And it would give her greater ability to care for the children in her home.

We believed that the Lord wanted to make this project available to our partners so that they could sow their seed into it. Within a few days the project was completely funded. We received enough funds to get her a fridge, four weeks worth of groceries, and a smaller tricycle for the little girl who won the bike (she was too small for the bigger bike she won at the festival).

It was not easy to find a good fridge for her. But with the help of the Lord we were able to find one in the city of Camaguey, about 2 hours away from Camalote.

We packed it up in a horse & buggy and left it in a home in Camaguey until it could be transported 2 hours away by truck.

All of it was worth it. She was so thankful for God having blessed her this way. There were many tears of joy shed and she even jumped for joy!

Now, think of it from her perspective. The Lord was looking after her. She had been faithful to the Lord and she had faith the God would provide for her. And while she was at a festival caring for children, the Lord stood her out from the crowd and blessed her.

It does not matter where you live, who your boss is, what your economy is like, or what your neighborhood looks like. God knows who you are and He will find a way to move blessings towards you! Do not give up on your petitions to the Lord and continue to sow seeds in faith that the Word of God is true!!

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