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Web Design & Marketing Agency

Get More Jobs with Results-Driven Digital Marketing

Extraordinary websites and local marketing services that help you get more customers and scale your business.

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Local Service Businesses


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Have you experienced marketing frustrations?

You deserve a digital marketing company that actually gets results.

Your Digital Marketing Partner

Most digital marketing agencies focus on vanity metrics that don’t help their clients grow their companies.

Our mission is to scale your business with data-driven marketing focused on results.

You can stop wasting money on pay-per-lead companies and competing for every expensive lead you pay for. Instead, we develop and manage your company's own lead generation system.


Sozo is a local digital marketing agency focused on delivering results. Here are some of the marketing services we offer to help you get more growth online.

Get a beautiful and effective website that converts into more calls, leads ,and sales.

Custom and branded website design. Fast development turnaround time. Effective revenue booster.

Exceptional service. Double conversions. Proven results.

Competing with a sharp and functional website is the first step to converting more leads online. A major advantage of working with an internet marketing agency is leveraging their expertise in web design and web development. When we create your website, you can be confident that it includes branded content, effective on-page SEO, quick development, memorable aesthetics, and more. When we launch a website, it typically doubles conversions and helps local businesses excel in their industry.

Get qualified phone calls booked on your calendar. Leads are exclusively yours.

Data-driven lead generation. Established local presence. Digital advertising.

The best digital marketing companies get you more qualified customers and consistent long-term results.

We use our lead generation expertise to guide our clients down a guaranteed path to increase revenue deriving from their local online presence. 

Gain customer confidence with an online presence that reflects your professionalism.

A branded website helps to better connect with your customers.

Having a professional and consistent online presence creates a strong, recognizable brand. It helps to attract more customers and to build a solid reputation.

Get more qualified local leads (and make more money) with a digital marketing company that understands the power of branding. Our internet agency employs narrative-driven copywriting techniques that captivate visitors within your specific industry, enhance your search engine ranking, and, most crucially, foster a solid rapport with your audience.

Dominate local visibility and claim real estate on top search results. 

True Search Engine Optimization is not mysterious work that takes years to generate leads from.

It is a result of concentrated effort targeting customers who are searching for your specific services online.

Deploying an effective local SEO strategy requires  industry knowledge and a step-by-step plan to gain ranking placement.

We boost your online traffic to generate more qualified phone calls from customers who gain trust by your website’s authority and ability to answer their questions upon search.


Perfect Mobile Design

Engage Clients Right Where They Scroll

Unlock unmatched client engagement with Sozo’s Perfect Mobile Design, ensuring your services shine brightly and accessibly in the palm of your customers’ hands.

We create lightning-fast, mobile-optimized websites that make discovering your services and connecting with you a seamless, one-click journey for potential clients, boosting your conversions and availability wherever your customers are.

Quick Response

Immediate mobile connectivity when your clients need you most.

Call to Book

Ensuring your clients’ calls turn effortlessly into booked appointments.

Get More Jobs

Mobile-optimized designs converting clicks into client appointments.

In the pocket of nearly every potential customer is a gateway to your services: their mobile device. With over 62% of website traffic for our clients coming through mobile phones, your customers are finding your services while on the move. When they’re looking for swift solutions, like fixing a leaky pipe or dealing with a broken HVAC unit, they’re searching on their phones, and that’s where your brand needs to grab their attention.

At Sozo Web Agency, we understand that every second counts when clients are searching for your services. They need to find you, understand you, and contact you in a snap — and that’s precisely what our mobile web designs deliver. We craft websites that are not just mobile-friendly but are mobile-optimized, ensuring they load blazingly fast, present your services clearly, and make contacting you a one-click affair.

No pinching, no zooming, no swiping around to find what they need. Your services, your contact info, and your call-to-action are front and center, easy to read, and easy to navigate. We strip away the unnecessary and present the essential in a clean, straightforward design that aligns with your brand and resonates with your clients.

The results? Your clients experience a hassle-free digital journey, from their initial search to hitting the “Call Now” or “Book a Service” button on your website. Your perfectly optimized mobile website becomes a 24/7, hard-working employee, connecting you with your clients any time, any place, and converting opportunities even while you sleep.

Our Website Design Process

Identify Your Competitive Advantage

We discover what it is that makes you stand out from your competition.

Communicate Your Unique Strengths

We share to your marketplace, in plain English, why they should hire you for the job.

Display Your Credibility & Professionalism

We share stories, case studies, testimonials, and reviews about your excellent work.

It's Not Guess Work,
It's Science and Hard Work

1. Branding

Brand strategy | Brand identity | Logo design | Graphic print design

2. Website

Clean & professional | Build credibility | Make it hyper-functional

3. Get Found Locally

Optimize Google Business Profile | Get listed in hundreds of directories

4. Boost Visibility

Real search engine optimization | Pay-per-click ads | Social media marketing

Let's Talk Now

( 941) 467-3451

Multiply Your Revenue

You’ve mastered your trade, we’ve mastered ours. At Sozo, we specialize in elevating the online presence of service businesses – from plumbers to medical professionals, ensuring your website isn’t just another URL. We dive deep into the essence of your brand and bring it to life, creating an online platform that becomes your best salesperson, active 24/7.

Your pain of dealing with generic, ineffective websites ends here. Our bespoke web solutions communicate your distinct advantage in a crowded online marketplace, turning visitors into customers.

Maintain ownership of your assets!

Every business owner ought to have a solid strategy for generating their own sales leads and maintaining ownership of their lead & sales generating systems.

Renan DeBarros

Head Director

Our Portfolio

Windows & Doors
Home Install Services

High quality, energy-efficient windows and doors installation.

Screenshot-2023-09-29-at-3.52.21 PM

Mobile primary care providers the come to you, serving South Florida

Youth Soccer
Braden River SC

The largest competitive youth soccer club in Southwest Florida.

Dryer Vent Cleaning
Edified Services

Family-owned dryer vent cleaning serving the Pensacola area of Florida.

Generate More Jobs from your website or We'll Pay You

If your website does not generate more business for you within the first six months unsing our SEO services, we will pay you back your initial monthly investment with us, plus $500!

How To Get Started

We know you have work to do, so we keep our process simple and efficient.


15 Minute Call

Schedule a call with us to determine whether we are the right fit for each other.


Strategy Session

Establish your current online marketing status and explore solutions.


Onboarding Interview

Provide us with all of the info we need to establish and/or improve your brand.


Design Process

Your business website is designed to your complete satisfaction.

Lets Know What Our Client Says About Us

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John Doe Designation

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John Doe Designation

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John Doe Designation

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